Philosophy of the Winery

The Obelisk winery holds a deep respect for the wisdom of our ancestors which is expressed in the Latin words "filein sofia".

The owner of the winery František Fabičovic has been inspired by the period of cultural prosperity of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, which, historians called classical antiquity.

The Obelisk Winery follows the advanced wine-making tradition of the aristocratic Liechtenstein family, which is closely connected with the town of Valtice, and continues with the restoration of landscape in the meandering river Thaya (Dyje) at the owner´s Obelisk game reserve.

„Wine is like life. Beautiful, passionate, sensual but sometimes bitter and ruthless heartless. It leads us through its pitfalls in and it is a silent witness of important events. Wine embraces all human senses and desires. It is poetry for the taste buds and the balm of the soul. It´s for a unique way of life. That's why the Obelisk Winery is here.“

František Fabičovic

The Winery Building

The winery building is perceived by the owners as one of the buildings of the Lednice-Valtice complex, whose hallmark is the interpretation of original building construction methods, which fits neatly into the concept of the whole project.

The building is designed by the architectural studio AiD, a husband and wife team of Pavel and Hana Bainar. It is sensitively set into the landscape and visually and personally connected with Valtice, Colonnade Reistna and with a panorama of Pálava and Mikulov.

Wine Production, Wine Tasting and Presentation Areas

The owners decided to place the winemaking production where it undoubtedly belongs - under the ground. The wine tasting and presentation areas use the glazed upper floor with stunning views.

These two worlds may exist independently, but they can meet each other at the same time through a central staircase. Visitors can observe a part of the wine production and the area where the wine matures.

Vineyard Hintertal

The Hintertal vineyard has become the home of the Obelisk Winery. The south-west slope on the edge of Valtice is characterized by loess-loam soils rich in calcium.

The vision of the owners is to manage up to forty hectares of land in the future.

The ancestral experience is again reflected in the varieties of vineyards. The Obelisk Winery abides by their original varieties planted in their native environment and species-rich mixtures planting between rows. The vineyards are treated in the most ecological way.

Terroir and Wine

The wines from the Obelisk Winery are characterized by so-called postmodern wine-growing. The winemaker pays close attention to their own specific development and limits unnatural impact into the character of the wine.

The winery owner sees the potential in using old traditional techniques with the assistance of the modern technology which helps to achieves the originality and preserves the uniqueness of the terroir.

Valtice wine grapes are grown within a distance of three kilometres from the building and are picked only by hand.

Vine Varieties

The Obelisk winery uses the potential of the old vineyards. It is reflected in the composition of vine varieties planted in the vineyards where the typical domestic varieties are complemented by the international ones.

Overlooked Sylvan Green (Sylvánské zelené), Rhine Riesling (Ryzlink rýnský) and Pálava can be found here. Furthermore, Welschriesling (Ryzlink vlašský) which is characterized by the good quality wines with spicy acidity and excellent ripening potential.

The four main white varieties are complemented by Blaufränkish (Frankovka) and Burgundy varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Blank (Rulandské bílé), Pinot Noir (Rulandské modré) and Pinot Gris (Rulandské šedé). The winemakers plan to use Pinot Meunier (Mlynářka) in the future.

The work of Natalie Perkof

The presentation areas of the Obelisk Winery are decorated by the unique works of Czech-Ghanaian artist Natalie Perkof. She, along with the architect Hana Bainarová, has chosen a collection of carbon drawings of the landscape which later inspired her for the ceiling and wall intarsia.

The idea behind this creation was a respect for the historic buildings from the times of Liechtenstein and to re-design their ornate Baroque and Neo-renaissance ceilings in a modern contemporary style. The works connect the influences of the poetic landscape with the vineyards around Pálava and the owner's Obelisk game reserve.

The intarsia is characterized by using a theme of a grapevine, veneers show the segmentation of vineyards and fields in the countryside. The spaces between the individual modules are divided to symbolise the original wooden posts from the vineyards. You can notice a silhouette of a stag from the Obelisk game reserve, also leaves, roots, grapevine bines, ploughed fields and the rocky foothills of the Palava landscape. Its colour corresponds with the wood of ash, maple, oak, beech, poplar, walnut, elm and rosewood.

Kvevri Amphoras

By using Kvevri amphoras, in which wine has matured in Georgia for more than eight thousand years, emphasizes a deep relationship, respect for the land and embraces the story about the Obelisk Winery.

The close long-term relationship with the experts from the Institute of Geology and Pedology of Mendel University in Brno confirms the appropriate soil composition. These are the positive coincidences that have led the owners and the artist Zdeňka Benešová to the idea of maturation and storage of the wine in the Obelisk winery in containers such as kvevri amphoras.

Two hundred litres amphoras are burned in a two-meter furnace near the winery. It helps to create a unique wine with an emphasis on the soil that comes from the vineyards and from which the amphoras are made.

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